Things To Know About Ukrainian Eating And Drinking Culture

Regardless of who comprises the better halves of the whole, any relationship can indeed be challenging. It becomes doubly challenging when you are dating a lady from another country. Then you would have to deal with things you do not have to deal with if you were dating your own countrymen: language barrier, differences in culture and lack of knowledge about your fiancee’s views on life’s issues. But you can always start hurdling the challenges from the point of the most mundane – knowing your ladylove’s eating and drinking habits.

First thing you should know about Ukrainian cuisine is that Ukrainians are very hospitable and generous when it comes to feeding their guests. Moreover, Ukrainian ladies love and know how to cook. So, the first of our Ukraine dating tips is to be prepared to eat much and try not to refuse a second helping of anything when you are invited to dinner over to your fiancee’s home. Otherwise, she and her family (especially her mother) might think you shun their hospitality and dislike their food (and efforts put towards cooking it).

Ukrainian cuisine runs the whole gamut of dishes – from the very tasty to the exotic. The most traditional of Ukrainian dishes are Salo or Pig’s fatwith garlic, Borshch or beet soup, Vareniki or the Ukrainian version of Ravioli, Nalisniki or pancakes, and Golubsti or cabbage rolls. Some of these items you will definitely love, while others you might hate. Another tip then is to think about an inoffensive and nice excuse on why you do not want to eat or even taste some of them.

Of course, you should make sure that your excuse is nice, and more importantly, believable. Pig fat is not eat in the United States and in most countries of Europe. You might even be feeling sick now as you are reading this (more so if you eat it), but do not tell it to her family. So think ahead and come up with a very good reason why you deny it when it is offered to you.

Many Ukrainian women drink a lot – cognac and vodka are the most preferred drinks. In fact, it is precisely because of this heavy drinking that many Ukrainian women are looking forward to marrying foreign men. So if you want to succeed in your relationship with your Ukrainian lady, do not drink too much and, more importantly, do not share with her your drinking adventures.

Of course, there are some Ukrainian ladies who drink a lot. Most Ukrainian women, however, would think it is acceptable to drink only during dates, holidays or celebrations. Some Ukrainian women even require their men not to drink any alcohol at all.

If you are visiting your ladylove’s family or when you think you are ready for it, talk to your lady first about her views on drinking. If she is not against it, you may give a bottle of alcoholic drink to her father or to her entire family when you are visiting. Remember though not to drink too much even when the rest of her family is generously offering you to drink more.

In dealing with Ukrainian eating and drinking culture, do keep these things in mind. You would want to impress your love and avoid unnecessary fights in your relationship.

Dining at Faridabad

Faridabad is a historical city in India. It has the best shopping centers, restaurants and hotels. Visitors will have a pleasurable dining experience here.

Facts about Faridabad

Faridabad lies within 25 kilometers of Delhi’s southern region. It is bounded by the district of Gurgaon on the western region. It is bordered by Delhi’s “National Capital Territory” up north. The Delhi and Mathura National Highway on the eastern and southern regions border Faridabad and passes through the very heart of its district.

There are many railway stations in the city. Most of them are located on the double track gauge line of the Northern Central Railway in Delhi and Mathura.

Faridabad is considered as Haryana’s most populated city. Approximately 50 percent of the Haryana’s collected income tax comes from Gurgaon and Faridabad.

Moreover, the city of Faridabad is situated on the banks of the Yamuna River. Majority of the land area now is developed into residential housings. The population began to grow extensively during the early 1990s. The local residents rely on underground water to cater to their basic needs like any other city, district or state in India. Rain is also their main source of water. Furthermore, the city experiences good monsoon season.

The city and district of Faridabad is famous for their Henna production in terms of agriculture and agricultural sector. Among their popular industrial products are motorcycles, tractors and refrigerators and switchgears, tires and shoes.

The popular tourist destinations in the area are the Suraj Kund Tourist Complex, Raja Nahar Singh Palace, Badkhal Lake Tourist Complex and Aravalli Golf Club along with Dabchick.

The district of Faridabad is separated into two divisions namely Ballabgargh and Faridabad for civil administration purposes. These are headed by sub-divisional officers.

Eating and Drinking Joints in Faridabad

Numerous restaurants, cafes and bars are located within the Faridabad district and city. These joints range from budget, mid to splurge. Below are some of the eating and drinking joints in the area.

The fast food chains are all over the place. Among the popular joints are Subway, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Haldirams, Sagar Ratna and Café Coffee Day. They are scattered and located in numerous malls all over the Faridabad district.

Red Chillie’s is a popular Chinese restaurant located in Sec 17. It offers crispy chili chicken, Hong Kong noodles, dimsum and a whole lot more. This restaurant’s specialty is the chicken momos.

The Pind-Balluchi is a goof place if you just want to eat and relax. It has an ambience of a village scene. Their dance floor looks discotheque and makes for a great party place. The ice cream counter has a lot of specialties like the Paan Flavored Ice Cream.

Sethi’s is a pastry shop locally famous for their delicious sweet treats. They serve and sell cakes of varied flavors and different kinds of pastries. It is located within the Sec 15 Market just across Mother Dairy.

Chickenette is situated adjacent to Sethi’s pastry shop. This restaurant is considered as Faridabad’s best secret. It has the hottest dishes in town. Its specialty is the Banzaara Tikka. Their vegetarian delicacy, the Paneer Tikka, is also legendary and is also popular among non-vegetarian guests. This fancy dining place is located along Sec 15 Market just across Mother Dairy.

Faridabad has some of the best coffee shops also. To mention some, there are Café Day in Saraj Kund, Nescafe in SRS Sector 12 Mall, Costa Coffee in Crown Interiorz Mall and Café L’Affaire in Charmswood Plaza.

Enjoy a Taste of Paris

For those who are interested in art galleries, the first thing you will think of when visiting Paris is the Louvre. If classic sights are more your thing, you will no doubt head to the Eiffel Tower.

But, you may also be interested in trying all the different tastes and dishes that are available in the French capital. Eating and drinking like a true French person is part of the excitement when you are visiting Paris, and every street will have somewhere to entertain you – and your palate!

Of course, the best way to start the day in Paris is to opt for croissants and coffee. In fact, since they are made with butter, the French don’t put extra on them; but you will often see them adding a little jam for extra flavour. However, if they are fresh – as they should be – you cannot beat the taste of eating them just as they come. It is perfectly fine to dip them into your coffee too!

Bread is something else you will see a lot of in Paris. The trusty French baguette is unsurpassed, and is often enjoyed quite simply along with some fresh ham or a similar meat. You may also want to skip the croissants in order to enjoy another example of a typical Parisian breakfast. This is French bread served with butter and some jam on the side.

When you are out and about sightseeing in Paris, watch out for two shops in particular – a boulangerie and a patisserie. The first is a bakers and the second is one which focuses on supplying sweet pastries and other similar items. You are encouraged to explore the wares of as many different patisseries as you can find, as no two will be exactly the same.

Main meals are also well worth digging into during your stay in Paris. If you love cheese then you should have a look for Boulette d’Avesnes, which has a conical shape and stands out among any other cheeses offered – both for its shape and flavour. It has a strong flavour but is low in fat when compared to other cheeses.

You can eat gourmet food if you wish, but visiting a bistro can provide an experience that is just as memorable; therefore, be sure to try as many different venues as you can during your stay. Whether you choose to eat in the restaurant at one of the Paris hotels or simply in one of the many local eateries, you will never be too far away from somewhere that will awaken your taste buds quickly and easily!

France is well known for having a wide array of foods and tastes to get to grips with. And no visit to Paris is complete without enjoying all the delights it has to offer your palate.

Healthy Eating And Dieting – Ways To Maintaining A Healthy Weight

Healthy eating and dieting is one ideal way of maintaining a healthy weight. Although this might seem to be a little difficult nowadays because of the lure of some ‘instant weight loss formula’ and some diet pills that claim to have a quick fix on your weight problems. However, nothing can really beat the healthy way of losing weight.

It is important to note however, that healthy eating and dieting is not about getting very skinny, but maintaining that ideal weight which helps you stay away from health problems and be happy with life.

Here are some simple tips and ideas that can help you in your daily quest of healthy eating and dieting.

– A fish in your diet. Yes, indeed, fish should be an important part of your diet. Aside from being low in saturated fat, it is also low in calories. Fishes like Salmon, Tuna and Sardines are also rich in ‘good fats’ or omega 3, which helps not only in protecting the heart but in improving your metabolism and burning more calories.

– Do not eat more than what your body needs. It is indeed common sense not to stuff your body with more food than what you actually need, but it is also one reason why people are overweight. How do you know then if you are overeating? Your brain will send signals that you are already full and so you should stop eating, and one way to be aware of it is to eat slow. Not really too slow, but slow enough that you can chew your food properly, and you can listen to your body if you are already full.

– Water instead of soda. Instead of taking a can of soda after each meal, keep in mind to take water. Aside from being an important element in making our bodies function well, water is it also calorie-free and fat-free. If you are just starting out with healthy eating and dieting, you can start with cutting down on soda and drinking more water in your every meal.

– Add more ‘calorie-burning foods’ in your diet. There are indeed foods that may help you burn those calories, thus you may want to add these foods in your daily diet. Fruits rich in Vitamin C like citrus, lemon, grapefruit, apples and oranges contain less calories than what they burn, thus they help you in burning those extra calories you have taken in. Red pepper and other spices, as well as fishes like salmon and sardines are also among those foods that help you use up more calories.

– Add more fiber to your diet. Having about 20 grams of fiber each day is essential in having a healthy diet. Fibers are found in whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and they are of great help in controlling yourself not to overeat. Fibers help in making your stomach feel fuller, thus help you not to overeat. They are also good for maintaining a healthy colon as well as preventing common digestive problems like constipation. Moreover, these fruits and vegetables high in fiber are also low in calories and excellent sources of vitamins and minerals that nourish your body to help it function better.

Remember that healthy eating and dieting without exercise is not an effective way to maintain an ideal weight or even in weight loss. Exercise and increased physical activities should always complement your dieting to be able to attain an ideal weight as well as a healthy life.